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...she is STILL trying.  Trying to do what I'm not entirely sure but she won't leave us alone.  Since using  her daughters phone she has texted him again claiming "her daughter" failed to mention that she only cheated on him when he WASN'T in the country.  She only cheated when he was deployed. 

Right.  Because that makes breaking your vows justifiable. 

He just told her to leave it be.  To keep communication about the kids.  Then she decided to Molly-bash again.  Molly's ugly.  Molly's a slut because she dresses risky (that's how she spelled it -- I am assuming she meant risque).  Molly will cheat on you too.  She told him that she was just going to die of a broken heart and she'll just kill herself.  BIG SIGH.

Then her boyfriend jumped in - he said that Dianne ONLY wants Jim to be a part of his kids lives.  JIm said that isn't what he's getting when she claims she is going to die of a broken heart if he doesn't come back to her and that she says she will kill herself if he doesn't come back.  Jim said - I AM a part of my kids lives - have been talking to them nearly every day.  That's all I can do when I live 1200 miles away.  I will not go back to her.  Ever.  The boyfriend asked to see the text messages she sent so he forwarded them on to him. 

The boyfriend is as dumb as she is - he says that Dianne just wants to be friends.  Jim told him that he didn't need friends who bash his fiancee and who can't move on from the past they created.  He's fine, thanks but no thanks.

In the meantime I lost my temper and send a message to Dianne (I have since apologized but whatever...) calling her a pathetic desperate excuse of a human being.  I said that I don't care if she doesn't like the way I dress.  I could walk around naked all day long and still wouldn't be the cheating whore she is.  Didn't go over to well...haha.  She said "I DO NOT LOVE JIM.  I LOVE TIM.  I JUST WANT JIM TO BE A DAD TO HIS KIDS."  I said..."Right...because the way I dress has EVERYTHING to do with Jim being a dad to his kids."   I pleaded with her to just let go.  She never got back to me. 

Fast forward...Jim's son calls him and leaves a voice mail "Molly said mean things to mom and now mom's upset.  That's not nice.  I don't like Molly."  Jim calls back and his son puts him on speaker phone and his son tells him again that I was mean to his mommy.  Jim says "Whoa.  Your mother said a lot of mean things to Molly first."  Still on speaker phone his son walks over to his mother and says "You said mean things first.  That makes all of you wrong.  All of you."  Still on speaker phone Dianne yells "I short-changed your kids."  She is screaming hysterically.  Jim says "That is not my fault."  She is screaming and screaming "If I die it's  all your fault."  Jim says "Nope.  Not my fault."  She yells at their son to hang up on his daddy and he did. 

I'm left without answers.  All I want is for this woman to live her fucking life with her boyfriend and leave us alone.  She says she wants to be friends with Jim.  That she only loves him because he is the father of her kids.  She says "You can't love me because I'm the mother of your kids?"  Jim says "No.  I do not love you. Not even because you are the mother of my kids. I just do not love you and I won't tell you I do.  I already did that and it led to thirteen years of a marriage I wish never happened and now I have to live with the consequences from it for the rest of my life." 

I don't know what to do.  Ignoring her doesn't work.  Calling her out on her MADNESS and LIES only works temporarily.  But it does make me feel better.  I am expected to sit her and take all these insults and cater to her and her illness because it's the right thing to do...she IS clearly a sick woman.  But my God - I've been abused by this woman for 18 months because she can not come to terms with the fact that after she divorced her husband he actually moved on.  In her mind she thought by doing that he would just be overcome with grief and sadness he'd beg to be taken back.  Since that didn't work she thought she would fabricate disease and cancer and illness and injury - thinking that he'd be so overcome with grief and sympathy that he'd go back.  That isn't now she is breaking down and trying to insult me and trying to put doubt into Jim's head.  By the way - I do not dress risque - or risky - I dress how I want.  Most of the time that is jeans, boots and long sleeved t-shirts.  In the summer it's shorts and tee shirts.  Sometimes I wear sexy clothes - but not as often the way she makes it sound and not trashy or anything.  She twisted something around that his mother sent to her - her disguised as her daughter on her daughter's cell phone - and is telling Jim that his family doesn't like me.  His family loves me.  His mom and I talk OFTEN.  His Aunt and I talk OFTEN.  His brother calls me all the time.  His sister and I talk all the time.  That's neither here nor there because all they ultimately want is for Jim to be happy and I make him happy.  Since I make them happy - they are happy.

This is a madness that I have no idea how to handle.  I do my best to remain calm when dealing with this woman but she has pushed me BEYOND my limit. 

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