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This time Dianne decided to pose as her daughter on her daughters phone to send the VERY KIND OF TEXT MESSAGES WE HAVE ASKED HER NOT TO SEND.  Does she think we are stupid?  Really - is she that stupid that she thinks we'd fall for it???

This time it started with:  "Why do you think Molly is a saint?  My mom is a good person and she loves you and why don't you love her?  She has made mistakes but so have you." 

Jim:  "Molly is not Saint.  Only Saints are Saints.  And your mom knows why I don't love her anymore and why we can't be together.  She knows what she did.  Yes, I've made mistakes and I have always admitted when I do.  But she is the one who divorced me.  We are done.  I trust Molly with everything I have - she has NEVER lied, NEVER cheated, and even when she's at her worst she is better than your mom was at her best.  I'm not trying to dog your mom out but Molly and I go well together.  She respects me and who I am and I respect her and who she is.  Your mom married me when I was a solider - and a soldier was all I ever wanted to be and within months she was asking me to get out.  Within the first year she cheated on me and then cheated on me again a few more times over the years and I still stayed with her.  Your mom divorced me.  I have moved on and have never been happier in my life.  Not before your mom.  Not during your mom.  And not immediately after your mom."

Dianne as Dannah: "You ran off to war free as a bird while my mom stayed here and took care of us.  My mom set you free so you could be with Molly.  You haven't wanted to be with her since you came home from Iraq when you were over there with Molly.  Tim is a better dad than  you.  He helps us and takes us to school and to the doctors."

Jim"  "If you thinking watching your buddies die and getting shot at is being free as a bird than you have a morbid idea of what that means.  Molly and I didn't get together until last year and your mom divorced me almost four years ago so she did not set me free to be with molly.  I asked your mom to make a choice between me and tim and she chose tim so I wash my hands of her."

Dianne as Dannah the daughter:  "I want to be just like my mom.  She loves us and she is smart and she is pretty and she has a good job.  Molly isn't any of those things."

me:  REALLY? Hunny, you know that isn't Dannah.  Dannah doesn't text OR even speak like that.  That is Dianne. 
Jim:  Yeah, I figured it out.  The FREE AS A BIRD and the SAINT comment sort of tipped me off.

Sidenote - these are things Dianne has said to us over and over.  But truly the "voice" in those text messages is Dianne and not Dannah.

Jim:  "if you want to lie to your husband and cheat on  him and then stalk him AFTER you left him than yes you will be just like your mom and I feel sorry for you.  Especially when one of the men you cheated on him with was your cousin.

Dianne as Dannah:  "They found out he wasn't really a cousin.  His dad isn't who they thought he was."

Jim:  "Right.  Except when the act was committed YOUR MOM and everyone else still thought he was.  That's just sick and I feel sorry for you if you think that way.  I love you Dannah but you need to think long and hard about what you are saying and how you feel."

We decided to not let her know we are on to her.

Nothing for awhile and then he gets this

Dannah:  "Dad I'm sorry.  I don't know what you and mom are fighting about but I had nothing to do with it and I'm sorry.  She was using my phone.  I'll try not to let it happen again.  Goodnight.  Love ya." 

Jim:  "We figured sweets.  Goodnight sleep well love ya too."

I truly do not know what to do about this?  EVERYTHING I've tried has not worked.  She will not STOP!!!  I have ignored her.  I have told her to stop.  I have ignored her again.  I've confronted her and blocked her from contacting him with her phone and then when she seemed to be behaving unblocked her so Jim could have more contact with his son.  I'm to the point of considering filling harassment/stalker charges against her.  I have a copy of the law sent to me by her local law enforcement and they agree we have a case.  But I do not want to do that...there are kids involved here and I don't want to have to put them through any of that but why do Jim and I have to continue to get harassed over and over again while she gets away with this sociopathic behavior???  Why do we all have to "coddle" her because she is very obviously mentally ill  - because I don't think being mentally ill is an excuse to get away with what she is getting away with.  She needs to get help and stop. 

I don't know what to do. 

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