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I made it through my first FULL week of school.  I managed to show up everyday and on time.  No easy task I tell you - I've been so tired and I really did entertain the thought of playing hookey.  But I reminded myself of my goals - perfect attendance one of them - and got up and did it.  I'm just so tired.  I have to tell you if I could actually get some sleep when I go to sleep I may be in a better disposition but since I'm mostly (not always) an insomniac to say I'm tired is lame...It's more like I'm exhausted.  But again - I just keep giving myself those pep talks and reminding myself of my goals and I keep on keeping on. 

I got all my homework done and I feel like if I'm not in school than I am doing homework.  I have found there is not much time for anything else and that is perfectly OK because I need to keep busy.  It keeps my mind and my body healthy in spite of the sleep thing.  However things that were once important for me to do - like cleaning - I have found I don't get it done like I'd like, like I'm used to, and it bothers me a lot.  I'm usually not-quite-a-neat-freak and now I look like Messy Molly had taken up residence. 

I had two pop quizzes this week - one I aced and the other one I got a 90% on.  Still an A.  I still have to go to class this morning - so technically I haven't made it through the first full week yet, but it is reasonable to assume that I will.  I've also had to write three papers - with another one due first thing next week - and tons of "little" homework - lots of reading and answering questions about what was read. 

I've noticed that probably not quite half - but more than a quarter - of the other students in my class have missed ALL or some of their homework and have also bombed the quizzes because they didn't know the material.  What I find interesting is - by my observation - is that it is the students like me who have full schedules and some even work full time jobs and have kids at home that are managing to get all the homework done and are generally doing better than good and it is the students who are only taking one or two or maybe three classes who are the ones who are not getting things done.  Like I said...interesting.

The boyfriend comes home today and we are supposed to meet at a hotel after I get out of class.  Just a little get-away.  A reprieve.  And while I'm OK with him being gone - I'm too busy to really think about and miss him too much - I am looking forward to seeing him.  He, on the other hand, is more than ready to come home for a few days and have some down time.  He works hard and is going all the time too. 

That is all for now.  I've got some chores to try to get done before I leave for class.  Have a good day, all!

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