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It has been awhile since I’ve been on here.  A lot has happened. 
I got out of the truck at the end of July with the intent to go back to school to finally get my degree…and to set in motion the necessary steps that will get me to my ultimate goal – Law School.  Instead I did a stupid thing and drank and drove and got a DUI.  I chose to sit in jail for the 53 days (sentenced to 90  -- 53 with good behavior).  I chose to do that instead of being on probation with random drug testing at 4 AM,  with probation meetings, etc.  I just needed to get it over with so I can move on with my life.  I was set back a semester but now I am all registered to go to school and start in a few weeks.  The first semester I’m going full time plus and if I can handle it I will go double time next semester.  Moving forward…
My youngest son’s EX-Stepmother contacted me.  She’s his Ex-stepmom because my ex-husband and she got divorced and now my son at the young age of 10 is on to his 3rd mother.  Through Melissa (the ex-stepmom) I continued to believe that even though my ex-husband is a douchebag she was not and she would love my son almost as much as I do.  Since I wasn’t allowed to have anything to do with him – I mean it when I say the man is evil – I took comfort in that.  Well now they are divorced and Melissa has come to realize exactly how awful Roy (my ex) is and she said we need to get Dylan away from the environment he is in.  She said and I quote “Molly, you need to get your shit together so you can Dylan back.” 
For a while she was able to see Dylan after they got divorced.  Melissa and Roy also have a son together and was able to see Dylan often enough so the boys could be together.  And Roy would pick their son up and keep him for his visitations and the boys would play together then.  Well I guess pretty much Roy wants nothing to do with Luke.  The new stepmom is a raging bitch and treats my son like shit. 
For so long I was powerless with this man.  It’s a story deserving of a Lifetime Movie Network movie…but I also know that while he had the upper hand for so long he would eventually burn all of his bridges.  Melissa has informed that he has, in fact, burned those bridges and while before his family did NOTHING to help me – they didn’t hurt me but they would never speak out against Roy – they are all now ready to stand up for me and against Roy.  So I’m saving some money so I can retain an attorney and hopefully in the next year or so I can go get my son back.  I’m told he suffers from malnutrition.  I’m told his step mom (the new one – Beth) spanks him often and for no good reason.  I’m told he sleeps in a closet. 
I am beyond infuriated that he took and kept my son from me – not to give him a better life – but out of spite because he hates me.  I was not in a position to fight back and he set me up, was devious and lied to get him.  I was never proven to be unfit or anything like that – I was in Iraq and when I got home I got my son.  When I gave him back for a visit he never gave him back to me.  We live 1200 miles apart and I couldn’t afford to go back and forth to Alabama and when I did he had me arrested on some bogus shit so I’d be sitting in jail during the custody hearing…he’s a cop, by the way.  And I was miraculously let go just after the hearing…I was only going down for the hearing.  Got there the day before and was let go the day after…they are allowed to hold you for 48 or 72 hours or something and they did.  A good ol’ man in blue…and small town Alabama truly does have a good ol’ boy network and rules all their own.  The Yankee from up north didn’t have a chance in hell. 
Well now it’s all come to a head and this time I WILL WIN.  And my son will be in a place where he will thrive instead of being pushed down.  I love my son – and thanks to Mellissa he still loves me in spite of Roy telling him I don’t love him and don’t care and don’t want him – Melissa countered it.  I know he will be so confused but I also know he is a sweet child and we’ll get through this. 
And then…there was Jim’s EX.  She graduated from her woe-of-me tales, her professions of deep love for Jim and her declarations of not comprehending how she couldn’t possibly be his one and only – to insulting me and calling me names.  After a year of keeping my mouth shut I took action.  I blocked her from calling or texting him.  I sent her a message and explained that since she couldn’t keep it about the kids like we’ve asked her over a dozen times that going forward she can go through me. 
She flipped out.  I remained calm but firm and I called her out on all of her bullshit.  All of it.  And I didn’t even feel bad doing it.  I’ve had enough of her.  She tried to get her boyfriend involved and he tried to tell me that she JUST and ONLY wanted us to be involved in the kid’s lives (and we are…so I don’t know why she makes that an issue) and I told him – that NO that wasn’t all she wanted.  I forwarded him all of her current messages and he was in for a surprise.  So she lied and said she must have sent those while she was having a seizure – these people must think I am stupid…that we are stupid.  But the boyfriend believed the lie and that’s fine.  I don’t and I told her if she wanted to apologize to just do so without excuses.
Eventually she did apologize – she did admit that she thought Jim would come back to her and that it drives her crazy that I make him happy in a way that she never could.  She did keep saying stuff like “He really did love me” – still trying to get a jab in but I’m bigger and better than to let that get to me.  We are currently on speaking/civil terms.  I think she expected an apology from me – and I’m not apologizing for anything.  I didn’t do anything wrong.  And I think she thinks we are “friends” – we are not.  We are civil for the sake of the kids and that is all she is going to get from me.  And she thinks her and Jim are going to be friends…they will not.  He hates her.  It is a strong word but I really think she hurt him so much that he does hate her.  That’s his issue not mine – the point is they will never be friends.  And that is her fault. 
And so that’s it – I think – in a nutshell.  I’m just tired of all the drama.  I just want to get my life back in control.  I want to get my son back.  I want to marry Jim.  I want to buy a house.  I want to get my degree and I want to become an attorney.  I have it in me to do all of this stuff and I am tired of keeping my shut when it counts and when it matters just so I don’t stir the shit pot and I’m tired of lying here and letting all these dirt bags walk all over us.  I am done.  I am going forth, kicking ass and am going to persevere over all of them and they can kiss my fat white ass.

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